Stop Rhino poaching,educate communities and address issues leading to it,dehorning option!

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The form of any life matters,animals and humans...We have to tackle the scourge of this epidemic,the measures we want to voice out is prevention is better than cure.If we can restore the mindsets of communities, create hope in their dreams through rewarding hard work and respecting this is our legacy!


  Mncedi Pilane Hazyview 1242, South Africa

1 sec ago

"Bophi Phondo" means chill in a Zulu slang lingo that dominates in Mzansi(South Africa)...our people always find a way to substitute words to their vocabulary...


We might have to seriously consider safely dehorning the rhino to save the species, to make it pointless for poachers to risk hunting these and in the process save them...educating and killing the poachers isn't a solution!

Here is another spin-off from the campaign that has started already,selling our country/continent as a tourism factor as we have support on this campaign globally... Together we can