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Allow safe lane splitting in traffic and at red lights

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Motorcycles who lane split safely can do so at no risk to other drivers. Sitting in traffic during the summer discourages a lot of riders from wearing proper safety gear due to the heat. Not only can lane splitting be done safely, but it can be done and not cause a burden on other drivers as well.

Motorcycles help to free additional space when lane-sharing. When motorcycles move from the travel lane to the center line, an empty is created where the motorcycle would have normally been sitting in traffic.

The California Highway Patrol was quoted in a San Francisco newspaper as "embracing lane splitting because it allows a quicker response to emergencies" (Squatruglia 2000)

In 2009, Europe completed the Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study (MAIDS). The study included 921 in-depth investigations in five sampling areas located in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Out of the 921 crashes investigated, 4 (0.4%) were engaged in lane-splitting as the pre-crash motion. Comparatively, 26 (2.8%) accidents occurred while the motorcycle was stopped in traffic with a speed of zero.

In short, this study suggests that it is safer for a motorcycle to lane split than it is to sit traffic. If it can prevent even one accident or death, would it not be worth it to pass this law?

The benefits of lane splitting have been proven affected in multiple states and countries. There is no reason why it cannot be beneficial in the State of Virginia

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