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Save our family dog Chloe & drop the charge of dangerous/vicious dog!

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Chloe is our family boxer and she has been with us since she was a puppy. She is a fun, wonderful, loving family pet. Chloe means everything to us and especially our children whom have cried and asked for her everyday since she was taken. Chloe has never bit, harmed or shown aggression towards anyone.
Friday February 22, 2013 Chloe was taken from us for no logical reason what so ever. Late that night, the kids let Chloe & her puppy out without us knowing and the next thing we know, Animal Control is at our driveway yelling "you better get her before I shoot her". We had no clue what was going on but we yelled for her and she came from the back yard with her puppy which is fenced it. She went inside & the officer proceeds to tell us that she was barking at the neighbor as she was getting out of her vehicle. We explained that we didn't know she was out, because she stays inside and that she was harmless and would never hurt anyone. The animal control officer says he's taking her and we can call Monday to see about her. As we carried her to the truck my two & three year old children began screaming and crying for her. There was nothing we could do. I spoke to the Animal Control officer today & he told me we should be getting a summons for a dangerous dog & that Chloe is staying in the pound until after court. This is a case of an insane injustice against Chloe & us! Chloe is very lovable, has and never would hurt anyone or anything. She is around children constantly and takes alot from them & has never shown any aggression against them or any other children or people. Chloe has been labeled dangerous due to a pitbull who looks exactly like her that attacked my neighbor. That dog has had nothing done to it but probation. So why does Chloe and our family have to suffer due to accusations that are entirely untrue? This is why we ask for your help! Please help us save our Chloe and bring her home were she belongs. She does not deserve to die when she has never harmed anyone or anything.
 My children are missing her terribly & we can't loose her. So with that, we are petitoning the Commonwealth Attorney & Animal Control asking them to drop the charge because their is no cause or reason for her to be labeled a dangerous dog. If Chloe is found guilty more than likely she will be euthanized. According to the Commonwealth Attorney dogs that are found to be vicious/dangerous are euthanized. Please help save Chloe! Thank you all!
* Also, we are need of donations to help cover cost for legal representation for Chloe. Any & all help is greatly appreciated. You can donate using the link below. Thank you all so much for your help & support! 


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