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Stop the building of the Brancepeth pig farm!

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Tenant farmer Tim Bates has applied to build sheds for the animals on his land.

It would be an extension of an existing pig farming business located elsewhere.

Dozens of objections have been submitted to Durham County Council’s planning department by residents, who say prevailing winds will blow the smell to their homes and have expressed concern about the levels of ammonia produced, which can pose a health risk for people with lung conditions.

Maria Cook said: “This is a huge farm they are asking for with 4,000 pigs. That’s not a farm, that’s industrial. Air quality around this area is going to be greatly affected and there is a real potential health risk for people living here.”

Peter Cook said: “County Durham is used to traditional farming. This is a factory farm that will change the nature of farming in the area and that’s something local people are not aware of.

Furthermore, pig farming is a cruel practice, pigs are crammed in small spaces, most are slaughtered by the age of six months. At any given moment, about six million mother pigs are being raised for breeding, each one giving birth to more than 20 piglets per year, for the three to five years that they are alive. Pigs are mutaleted, castrated without any medical care, their teeth are ripped out so they do not bite each other when they are squeezed into tiny spaces and crush each other to death. Did you know pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old child? That they try to hide their faces before slaughter because just like a child covering their face they think if they can't see the danger, the danger can't see them either. 

Once pigs have reached their desired weight they are sent to slaughter. More than 1 million pigs die while being transported to a slaughter house, a pig weighing more than 100 pounds are given around 2.4ft squared of space, once they arrive, with the knowledge of what will happen next the pigs resist getting off the truck, which is then resolved by abuse with electric bolts in order to get them off, there are no laws regulating the voltage of these bolts. 

A slaugter house kills 1000 pigs per hour. This amount of slaughter makes it impossible for the slaughter to be humane. The most humane way to kill a pig is to gas them in a chamber. Because of improper slaughter with an electric bolt many pigs are alive when they reach the boiling baths and therefore are boiled alive.

This would not be acceptable if it was happening to dogs or cats. There are many health problems linked to eating pork which you can familiarise yourself with here:

Please help us to shut down this abuse farm, if you do not agree that lives of innocent animals should not be taken so violently and still persist on eating pork, at least help us make it free range, organic and grass fed instead of sick, abused and tortured. Please show compassion and pass this to higher powers of the council so they can consider stopping the building of the pig farm. 

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