Registration of Environmentalists in Pakistan

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The field of Environmental Science is usually misunderstood as a related field of geology, geography or in general atmosphere only or amalgam of different field, however the subject itself is a visionary science of leadership, strategic planning and informed decision-making. The graduates of environmental science/studies are trained to adept at understanding bio-physical and socio-economic linkages and equipped with necessary knowledge and skills for adaptation and mitigation. Their training effectively enables them to contribute in sustainable development and support the paradigm shift towards circular and green economy. Unfortunately, due to the lack of awareness, graduates of environmental sciences are not acknowledged by any professional body and mostly not preferred for environment related jobs as well. Except for the environmental engineers that are mainly associated with aspects related to design of pollution abatement and environmental improvement, that are registered by Pakistan Engineering Council of account of their engineering degree.

The situation calls for the establishment of a registering body and devising a mechanism for registration of graduates of environmental sciences. Albeit, the need for a similar institution titled National Environmental Education Accreditation Council (NEEAC) was identified during final meeting of National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) for Environmental Science in June 2013, no concrete steps were taken for its establishment.

The Committee of Environmental Counselors (CEC), a non-profit initiative of IntelloACE Trainers & Consultants is determined to highlight issues of concern. We call upon the authorities for establishment of NEEAC which would not only verify availability of necessary human and technical resources, infrastructure and facilities for running environmental science/ environmental studies/ environmental management degree programs but will also serve as a registering body for graduates of these disciplines in Pakistan. This accreditation is likely to resolve the problems related to employment of environmental professionals in public/private sectors where currently engineers of various disciplines are preferred because of their registered professional status.

We call upon Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan, Ministry of Climate Change and Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and High Education Commission of Pakistan to consider this matter as a priority item. 

We ask the Pakistani Community to step forward and join hands with us till the issue get nationally recognized by our government stakeholders and concrete measures for establishment of NEEAC initiate at government level. 

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