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Ban the gas chambers and allow Pit Bull Terrier's to go to rescue


We respectfully demand you stop gassing animals with carbon monoxide at the Hocking County Dog Shelter. We also request that Pit Bull Terriers and Pit Bull mixes be adopted out to rescue groups.
Gassing animals to death is painful, cruel, and barbaric. Death by carbon monoxide (CO) is slow and terrifying for animals, who often gasp for breath, claw frantically, and even attack one another in the chamber.

Many shelters across America allow Pit Bulls to be adopted out or sent to rescue. Why should Hocking County be any different? Allowing Pits to go to rescues gives them a chance at life and a chance of finding a loving home. If liability is an issue then a simple release form can be drafted by the County Prosecutor. Don't blame the Pit Bulls for being a Pit Bull blame the person who trained them.

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