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Deregister the Jacqui Lambie Network political party, ab initio, & hold a senate election.

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I am hereby objecting to the continued registration of the Jacqui Lambie Network.
I am hereby demanding a new full Senate election for the State of Tasmania.
I am hereby demanding the restitution, to the people of Australia, electoral funding illegally had and received by the void, ab initio, Jacqui Lambie Network (fake) political party.

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The Party is to be deregistered immediately.

This is based on the following grounds, which I believe to be true.

1) Jacqui Lambie was not lawfully elected due to her dual Citizenship.

2) Her election is therefore void, ab initio.

3) Therefore, she could not have lawfully created the Jacqui Lambie Network political party (via 1 or more duly elected Parliamentarians).

4) I do not believe that the Party was initially created via having 500 or more (verified via audit) Members.

5) Therefore, if the Party currently has 500 or more Members, which I believe is unlikely, then it does not matter, the Party was not registered in that manner therefore a new registration would have to occur.

6) Due to current Federal Electorate Bi-Elections no Party Registration processing (to create a Party) is allowed.

7) Therefore, the Party's registration is void, ab initio.

8) Therefore, the Party, in not existing, cannot legally/lawfully have a replacement appointed for (fake) Senator Jacqui Lambie.

9) As Jacqui Lambie was unduly last elected with the fake political party, JLN, then count backs etc cannot draw from the previous election where Ms Lambie was unduly electd on the Palmer United Party ticket.

9A) As Jacqui Lambie was not duly elected, there is no 'Casual Senate Vacancy' - therefore the Mechanism for Casual Vacancies (s15 of the Constitution) cannot take effect.  The Mechanism fails. 

10) The Palmer United Party was deregistered on 5 May, 2017 anyway.

11) If the ballot papers from the 2016 Tasmanian Senate Election are still in existence, securely stored, etc then they could be recounted, excluding the Jacqui Lambie Network votes (taken as if they never existed) as they did not legally/lawfully exist. Voters were misled and deceived, or potentially mislead and deceived, via illegal activity (illegal practice), therefore it is not sufficient that the Party Group Voting square be taken to be a group of Independents.

12) The Australian Electoral Commission should refer the matter to the High Court of Australia, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns, as per, inter alia, S357(1) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth) I as an elector and Australian stakeholder am hereby instructing the AEC to do.

13) The election was not affected by immaterial errors.

14) Further, all electoral funding paid to the Jacqui Lambie Network fake political party are to be repaid immediately, for the payment was tainted with illegality (fraud, constructive fraud, etc. or similar).

15) many people voted for the non-existent Jacqui Lambie Network political party (above the line) as opposed to below the line for individual independents.

16) Independents are prohibited from claiming a party affiliation, if they do not have one (whether by recklessness of Candidates not checking their S44 requirements before signing that they are in compliance with it or not (which is again - fraud).

17) Courts are prohibited from providing equity to those with unclean hands, and prohibited from enforcing illegality.

18) Failing the ability to recount, wholly excluding the JLN votes (no matter what preference they received) there should be immediate writs issued for a new Tasmanian Senate election. As was the case for the 2013/14 Western Australia Senate Elections.

19) As the last election was a Double Dissolution Election, the new election must be for the full Senate.

20) The AEC is to do the job I have hereby instructed it to do.

For all Australians,
Arjay Martin.
15 11 2017

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