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Illegal high-decibel horns - Lacs of people in Rajkot and other cities of Gujarat - Removal of illegally fitted horns is badly needed

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We the people of Gujarat and especially Rajkot are suffering from the harassment of illegally fitted high-decibel vehicular horns. Not only in Rajkot but as the inputs are coming from other cities, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jamnagar & even small town like Morbi are suffering from this harassment. We had to create a Facebook page i.e. `Movement Against High-tone Horns' to oppose the dangerously increasing number of horribly loud horns illegally fitted in the vehicles roaming freely in Rajkot.

How the damage is made by the illegally fitted horns :

Against permissible emission limit of 80 decibel as prescribed under Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 readwith Section 190(2) of Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989., a large number of people, without fear of Police or R.T.O., fit and flaunt horns with output of 250 decibels - three times higher than legally permitted 80 decibels. The vehicles fitted with such illegal horns are increasing day by day. The honkers of such illegal horns are so callous and insensitive that they honk without considering that whether in front of them there are old age persons, children or pregnant ladies are driving who are the most vulnerable riders, amongst all. The law-abiding citizens cannot do anything to some big fat muscle/money powered junglees. Only law-enforcement will curb this nuisance which is skyrocketing in the cities across Gujarat. These type of horribly loud horns are used as `compulsory giving way' which is used arrogantly, insensitively and without fear of any type of law. 

Why the problem :

It has been learnt that since long, some directives/instructions were passed to all the A.R.T.O.s of Gujarat to curb the noise pollution created by vehicles fitted with horribly loud horns, with the assistance of Police Department. However, for many years no stringent action has been seemed to be or known to be taken in this regard which has resulted into, not only increase of vehicles fitted with such nuisance-making high-tone horns, but also absence of fear of any law-enforcement in such nuisance-makers. These nuisance-makers have damaged the serenity and peacefulness of the Rajkot city at large. The A.R.T.O. Rajkot should take immediate necessary action to prevent the anti-social behaviour in the people with fearlessness for the law. It will be a goodwill gesture by the A.R.T.O. Rajkot to give relief to lacs of innocent people suffering from this forever increasing nuisance. 

The damages such illegal horns are making to people :

  • Increased heart beats
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Ten times higher chance of becoming deaf if one is forced to listen to this high-decibel horns for more than 30 seconds
  • Hearing loss
  • Headache
  • Increased aggressiveness, anger and insensitivity
  • Fear of accident due to distraction by such loud horns
  • Road rage/Road fights
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Severe neurotic illness

The damages such illegal horns make to environment :

  • Endangers environment at large
  • Imbalances ecosystem
  • Creates Restlessness in pets
  • Migration of birds from the city due to increasing noise

Who are the sufferers :

  • Lacs of law-abiding innocent citizen drivers
  • Shop-owners/Small vendors doing business at roadsides
  • Traffic Policemen in the field/performing duties on roads
  • Pet animals and birds 

The statistics of noise pollution can be obtained from Gujarat Pollution Control Board which will show how much damage is done not only to law-abiding innocent citizens/drivers but also a heavy damage to environment by some insensitive, muscle-powered bunch of people who don't understand the language of law.

Why the Facebook Page was created :

The Social Awareness to stop this nuisance from damaging the society, was an inevitable step to be taken by the alert citizens. 

The Facebook page `Movement Against High-tone Horns' has reached thousands of people who are regularly following and supporting this movement. We have even demonstrated our unhappiness towards this nuisance by a Silent Walk on 16th August 2015 bearing name `Stop the Noise - A Silent Walk' [ Photos of this rally can be seen on FB page ]. 

The authorities fully agree with this Movement :

Hon'ble District Collector, Rajkot, Hon'ble Municipal Commissioner, Rajkot and Hon'ble Police Commissioner, Rajkot have signed testimonials against this increasing nuisance which can be seen on the Facebook Page `Movement Against High-tone Horns. This shows the seriousness of this problem we the people of Rajkot are suffering since long.

The plea to the State Transport Commissioner :

The hon'ble State Transport Commissioner is requested to issue orders to field-formations to REMOVE SUCH ILLEGALLY FITTED HIGH-TONE HORNS/HIGH-DECIBEL HORNS from the vehicles in Rajkot and other cities as well, with the assistance of Police Department, This nuisance is marked highest even by the Police Authorities. Before the exception becomes rule, We the people of Rajkot wish an immediate action which will give relief to lacs of law-abiding citizen/drivers of Rajkot. 

This is a link to our Facebook Page `Movement Against High-tone Horns' :

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