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Get Greg Hardy out of the NFL!

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"He looked me in my eyes and he told me he was going to kill me. I was so scared I wanted to die. When he loosened his grip slightly, I said, 'Just do it. Kill me.'"

Those are the words of Nicole Holder, the ex-girlfriend of NFL player Greg Hardy, who has largely gone unpunished for beating and injuring her in 2014. When the graphic photos and accounts about Hardy’s terrible actions recently came out, I was appalled and upset. It is completely unacceptable to hit a woman and lead her to believe that she may lose her life.

Yet the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL don’t appear to share that view. Hardy is playing in the NFL today with little consequence for his actions. That must change: The Cowboys should immediately release him, and the NFL should make sure that he never plays another game in the league again.

A North Carolina judge originally convicted Hardy of domestic violence for what he did to Holder. But the case was dismissed on appeal and Hardy received his $13 million salary despite playing in a only one last season. Today, Hardy is a domestic abuser whose employer turns a blind eye and rewards him with millions of dollars and the opportunity to play professional football.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell -- who made several mistakes in the handling of the Ray Rice incident -- and the organizations that represent players are making a clear statement that they still aren’t willing to severely punish players who commit such serious crimes against women. That’s not OK.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I am having an increasingly hard time supporting a league that gives players the privilege to play in the NFL despite these kind of actions. With the evidence publicly released, the next step is absolutely clear: Greg Hardy must go right now. Please sign my petition if you agree.

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