Reinstate Ibrahim W. Mohammed To The Rank Of Captain

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       I am Ibrahim W. Mohammed, born and raised in Bronx, New York. I am a proud Muslim of African decent. I would describe myself as being extremely resilient given the many challenges I have faced throughout my life but pride myself most on never letting these obstacles deter me from my dreams and goals.  I have always taught myself to never let adversity make me feel as a victim but to use it as motivation and always strive for more in life.  In 2011, as I completed my Masters in Education I also began my career with the Department of Corrections.  On September 28th 2018 I was blessed with the opportunity to be promoted and with pride accepted the rank as captain.  
        On Wednesday October 2nd 2019, I was informed that the department was demoting me from the rank of captain due to inaccurate claims made regarding several uses of force. Throughout the past year I have been involved in numerous incidents to which I feel that I have abided by all departmental rules, regulations, policy and procedures as well as used proper judgement and decision making to manage these situations.  Currently the department has demoted me based off of false claims of a non reported use as well as inaccurate details.  As a captain/leader within the department of correction I have always strived to obtain an extensive knowledge on use of force policy and procedures.  On the aforementioned claims I not only reported to the tour commander but also submitted reports regarding my use of force. On another occasion I was blamed for the fact that the handheld camera’s battery died during a use of force.  This writer not only reported the issue but also ordered a report from the officer assigned to the camera. 
        I have been with the Department for almost nine years. I have always taken pride in being an asset to the department of corrections, always taking the time to learn and accept advice, as well as striving to obtain as much knowledge on my craft as I possibly could.  Being promoted to the rank of captain was a tremendous milestone for me and one of my greatest accomplishments in life.     Throughout my time within the department I have built friendships and alliances but most importantly I created a family whom all know the amount of dedication and pride I take in my career.  I have made mistakes and have grown as a person.  I have never intentionally withheld information by not reporting an incident and have never committed an offense so egregious that I deserve a demotion. I deserve the Captain rank that I’ve earned. I’m asking for the assistance of all of my brothers and sisters to get the attention of management to reinstate my rank.