Confirmed victory

Heartbreaking image above of two beavers. One trying hopelessly to save his partner. This is a real life Issue, happening NOW and should be of concern to all.

Plastic bags cause damage to ocean marine life, street litter, and carbon emissions in their manufacture and shipping.

As Americans we use 102 billion grocery bags a year. They're a product with a useful life measured in hours and a waste life measured in centuries.

Get the quick facts on plastic or read the Greenpleace report Plastic Debris in the World's Oceans for a more complete understanding.

The debris that marine life consumes or that entangles them could well be a plastic shopping bag. Maybe one of ours. Maybe one of yours.

This is something we can change. Plastic bag bans are spreading across the country. The city of LA just passed a ban. If LA can do it, our small county can do it.

By banning the bag, Jackson can send a powerful signal that this great place of such natural beauty can be an environmental leader. Frankly, we already should be.

Please sign the petition to encourage The Teton County Commissioners to take up this issue again. And please share it with every local member, and everyone who cares about the environment, that you know.
You are invited to write COMMISSIONERS@TETONWYO.ORG with your own personal message as to why this is an important issue to you and our community.

Letter to
Teton County Commissioners Commissioner Ben Ellis (Teton County Commissioners)
Plastic trash doesn't just litter our streets and yards, but also the State's most treasured natural places, posing a direct threat to Grand Teton National Park, the natural environment, and freshwater lakes and ponds. Too much of this trash comes from single-use plastic checkout bags. These bags harm wildlife that mistakenly ingest them––and because plastic never biodegrades, it is accumulating in our waterways and could remain there for hundreds of years or longer.

We can't let something as unnecessary as disposable grocery bags litter places like Jackson and pollute our parks—but unfortunately, Wyoming uses hundreds of millions of these bags every year. Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute Jackson and Grand Teton National Park for future generations. We support banning single use plastic checkout bags both in Jackson and statewide in Wyoming.

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