To ensure polling for presidential debates include Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen

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The requirement of 15% in polls to participate in presidential debates is an unfair advantage to Republican and Democrat politicians.  This is compounded when many of the polls used do not include third party candidates.  The guideline for participation should be any candidates that is on enough state ballots to have a chance to win the presidency.  You have demonstrated in the past that you are not willing to set the guidelines to this fair standard, but instead you have consistently made it even more difficult for a third party to get involved in the debates by using polls that do not include all candidates that have a mathematical chance at victory.  This had led to the American people being more divided than ever before and had led to more corruption in the American political system.  By not allowing legitimate candidates to debate issues with the politicians that are backed by the two major parties you are continuing their narrative that only Democrats and Republicans can be president.  Having two political parties that are so distinctly divided had led to more tribalism and a great divide than this country has ever known.  There is no place in the middle within these parties.  Conservatives have moved further to the right, and Democrats have moved further to the left.  In today's Republican party Ronald Regan isn't extreme enough to win the nomination, and in today's Democrat party John F Kennedy would be kicked off the stage.  The American people need to know that they have an option that is not throwing their vote away, they need someone that's in the middle and flexible.

Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen is on the ballot in all fifty states.  If that is not qualification enough for you to include her, then we the people of the untied states demand that you not use any poll for eligibility that she is not included in.