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Have Jon Stewart moderate a Presidential Debate

Dear Commission On Presidential Debates,

We belive that Jon Stewart would be an appropriate choice to moderate one, of several, debates this coming election cycle.

"Having established a sterling track record of highlighting the absurdity in government Jon Stewart has placed himself in the unique position of being one of the most trusted names in news despite being the host of a parody news show." (Time Magazine 2009).  

Jon Stewart and his team have earned many honors and awards, including the Peabody Award (twice).

Jon Stewart is immensly qualified to moderate a Presidential Debate.  This country deserves to have him moderate a debate and ask the questions that this country wants answers to.  A debate hosted by Mr. Stewart would certainly be more than a recap of widely televised stump speeches,

Moderators of nationally televised presidential debates have included Bernard Shaw, Bill Moyers, Barbera Walters, Jim Lehrer, and Charlie Rose.  Jon Stewart should be among them as well.

We also wish for a public response to this petition. 

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