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Ask presidential candidates about PIPA, SOPA, and Internet freedom


Neither presidential candidate has expressed any opinion on SOPA, PIPA, or similar proposed legislation. We need to know where the candidates stand on these issues. If They wont talk about it, we will make them. Sign now to get one or more of these questions asked at the presidential debates;

" The ease of communication and sharing on the internet has raised
serious questions about protecting the rights of content producers in
the digital age. Some say that it is important we create a firm
system that allows innovators to protect their ideas. Others are
concerned that too firm a system would restrict Americans' First
Amendment rights by cracking down on legitimate sharing and
communications. Congress has attempted to address this debate through
legislation like SOPA that inspired a strong response from many
people. How would you as President balance the need to protect content creators and protect freedom of speech?"

"A hotly debated issue is the extent of net neutrality and the
digital privacy rights of Americans. Some say that we should keep
regulation away from the internet, allowing companies to purchase
greater internet speeds and access to users. Others say this approach
would give preferential treatment to corporations and drown out the
voices of individuals. What do you believe the right approach to
internet freedom and digital privacy rights should be?"

"In the digital age, cyber-security is important, but so is
individual privacy and freedom. How would you, as president, balance
these two concerns?"


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