Raise Awareness for Rob Liefeld's Kickstarter Campaign Fraud

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On May 16, 2013, Rob Liefeld launched a Kickstarter Campaign to relaunch a Brigade series and make the first 2-3 issues free, like Marc Silvestri had done before him. He states that all money raised would go to producing those books. He was hoping to raise $17,500, which would cover the costs to pay his colorists, printing costs, etc... but that no money would go to Liefeld. His goal was simply to Kickstart the series. On June 15, 2013 this campaign was funded in the amount of $35,343 by 562 backers.

See all his lies in the Updates here:

It has now been over 6 years, filled with excuses and lies, and this has clearly become a joke for Liefeld. He publicly flaunts his indifference to this project, perhaps due to being enabled by friends and fellow pros in the comic industries disregard of the whole matter. He's confirmed that he has pocketed money from the bigger tiers from his Kickstarter, and Marat Mychaels confirmed via Twitter recently that unlike what Liefeld's update on April 8, 2016 states, that Marat had finished pencils for Issue 3 already, he has in fact never pencilled a single page for the series.

Furthermore, he got additional fans to give him an additional $5,000 via an Indiegogo he launched at the end of 2018. Those backers too have come to realize the con job they are now mixed up in. See the updates and comments for that campaign here:

So what's the point here? We want this fraud and con man be called out by this industry, his fans and peers, and forced to admit his wrong-doings and refund all backers. Friends like Erik Larsen and Donny Cates, have no problem giving him a pass, it seems. Its not their problem that their friend has taken advantage of their fan base in an industry both pros love, so rather then ask their friend to do the right thing they'll block anyone that brings this to their attention.

Where do you stand? Lets get Rob Liefeld to come clean, or at very least spread the word.

Thank you.

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