Cancellation of "Comedian" Kurt Metzger's (Public, Digital, and Social Media) Appearances

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During a public, virtual interview with 3 other comedians, comedian Kurt Metzger vehemently expressed that the Armenian Genocide of 1915 was a good thing and he is glad that it happened.

The world community, the Armenian community of the United States, and human rights advocates across the country are calling for all media outlets and social media platforms to immediately rescind Kurt Metzger's contracts, cancel all scheduled shows and appearances, and remove his online content. Protesters are demanding his immediate, sincere, and thoughtful statement of apology for his remarks.

Protesters, activists, community members, and fans are calling on entertainment institutions to revoke all awards given to Kurt Metzger because of hate speech, human rights violations, and offensive statements towards an ethnic population.

Petitioners further press that the entertainment industry will not condone racist, prejudicial, and hateful speech and will not permit violators to use stages and social media as platforms for bigotry, violent conduct, and hate speech.

The Armenian Genocide is the first genocide of the 20th century. It was a systemic campaign of extermination of the Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian populations of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 by the Young Turks. Over 1.5 million children and adults were butchered, tortured, and murdered for their ethnicity and religion. The federal government of the United States formally and officially reaffirmed its recognition of the Armenian Genocide again in 2019.

For more information, please contact petition originator David George Gevorkyan at or at (818) 212-9111.