Come on Canberra, Let Mimi Walk

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Come on Canberra, Let Mimi Walk

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Emerson Riley started this petition to Andrew Barr (ACT Chief Minister) and

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Did you know that there are areas of Canberra that cats aren't allowed outside, even on a leash?

My cat, Mimi absolutely loves being outside. She loves sniffing the air, munching on grass and rolling in dirt. In order to keep her safe and other critters safe, like birds, lizards and crickets, I only allow her outside on a leash, under my control.

Please support this petition to allow cats to be walked on a leash in cat containment suburbs. It would mean an amendment to Domestic Animals Act 2000. Currently the Act requires cats to be contained in their premises. With apartment living, this doesn’t give cats a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Before I purchased in a cat containment surburb, I called the ACT Domestic Animal Services to see if walking a cat on a leash was acceptable and was told ‘yes’. It’s now a year later and I recently moved in and discovered that this is not the case.

I’ve had to stop our twice daily walks and Mimi has gotten very sad. Today I drove 20 minutes into my workplace, so I could give her a walk in a safe known environment. She was so happy. Unfortunately this isn’t practical on a daily basis.

Please help by signing this petition. I’m not asking for cats to be loose; just to be allowed outdoors on a leash in control of its human.

Thanks so much,
Emerson & Mimi

P.S. See Mimi on Instagram at  
She’s a sweetheart.



Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 335 supporters!

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