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You're paying Comcast's electric bill, get something for it

Can you believe that Comcast is turning your home into a public WiFi hotspot? Using new routers that broadcast a separate public network in addition to your home WiFi, millions of customers' homes (and electricity bills) are being used to roll out their nationwide public WiFi network. It's time to tell Comcast that enough is enough... if they want to use your home to give Internet access to other users, they should compensate you with extra speed.

Despite Comcast's claims that these routers cost customers nothing extra, our bandwidth-obsessed team at Speedify measured their power consumption, and the results were surprising. Based on our tests using Comcast's business router setup, we found that customers broadcasting the public Xfinity network are getting stuck with an extra $20 each year in energy costs per household. With the new public hotspots projected to be in millions of homes by the end of 2014, that translates to customers footing a bill upwards of $40,000,000 to roll out Comcast's public WiFi network.

So, what's that extra $30 each year worth to us Xfinity subscribers? We did the math, and at Comcast's going rate of $0.25 per one Mbps, anyone that hosts an Xfinity Home WiFi Hotspot should get about 7.6 Mbps of extra speed in return.

Sign this petition to demand that Comcast offers increased Internet speeds to compensate their customers who are footing this bill for them.

UPDATE: Comcast has reached out and indicated that they would like us to retest with newer equipment. We’ll update our results as soon as we receive this new hardware.

Letter to
Your recent initiative to roll out a nationwide public WiFi network by broadcasting a second wireless hotspot from millions of customers' homes is simply unfair. Individual households may pay over $20 per year in extra electricity to host a piece of your public network. You've already announced that this new initiative will be in millions of homes by the end of 2014, and that translates to a Comcast public WiFi that's being directly subsidized by your own customers to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Your customers pay you for fast Internet service, and we think it's only fair that you give us a 7 Mbps speed boost commensurate with what we're paying to help roll out your new nationwide public WiFi.