Bryceville, Florida needs help getting reliable internet service to their residents!

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Just outside of Jacksonville, Florida is the small town of Bryceville, Florida. It's a quiet rural community filled with all types of residents, including ones that either grew up there and never left, or ended up moving back to raise their own families! Of course as the town grows, so does the resident count, which includes new folks that don't mind the commute to and from work to Jacksonville, along with people that are fortunate to work from home or come here to enjoy retirement. Unfortunately, with small towns come bigger problems, like not being able to get the big internet service provider's to even give us or any other great small town a second look. Unfortunately, AT&T decided to set-up here and at first everyone was excited because they could finally get internet. However that excitement was short lived, because many residents still couldn't get any service, because they didn't run cables to all area's, and in the area's that could get it were met with poor signals. To make matters worse, their customer service and/or repairs are either poor, slow or non-existent! The newest issue to date is when residents call to get new service, they're quickly being told that they can't get it, because AT&T has met their cap for our area! So when asked when they will be able to get internet, the answer was that they will have to wait until AT&T's uVerse is up and running in our area. This was quickly followed by, the cables have been ran but it could be one week or two months! So we have residents with no reliable internet service in the near future, or stuck with and at the mercy of ATT. All we want is to get Comcast or Dish Network to just stop driving thru Bryceville, and quickly realize the pot of gold they could be sitting on, because many if not all residents would become new customers! All we want is for our resident's to be able to explore and be a part of the world wide web! So PLEASE bring Bryceville reliable internet service as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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