Repeal Ordinance 422825 Comal County Bow Hunting Ban

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Comal County is the only on of two counties in the state of Texas to adopt a ban on bow hunting for property less than 10 acres. With development of the county since 1993 the whitetail deer population has seen exponential growth, so much so that Texas Parks and Wildlife department has identified county wide whitetail deer population issues, especially in subdivisions with large 1-10 acre lots.  So much so that the deer are experiencing a number of issues caused by overpopulation such as starvation, disease, human/deer vehicle collisions, and property destruction.  Removing the bow hunting ban will allow HOA's, communities, and citizens in the county to work in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife to safely and cost effectively be good stewards of the whitetail deer resource in Comal County. This issue comes down to giving outsdoorsmen, property owners, and communities back the right to work with TPWD to be good stewards of their own resources.  Also, if a person would like to provide for their family, God has given us a resource to do so.  We are all responsible for being good stewards of our resources, the current ordinance does not allow us to do this.  Please sign this petition to be presented to the Comal County Commissioners Court.