Rescue "LeeRoy"

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There is a dog that was rescued from 1810 Springs Circle in Columbus, GA on 02/19/2018 around 7 p.m. est. This dog was literally being starved to death, and was on a very short chain, although Muscogee County does have an ordinance prohibiting owners to keep their dogs on tethers, chains, or any type of rope. Someone was able to go to the residence and get the owner to agree to allow Animal SOS to seek vet care for the dog, whom we are referring to as LeeRoy! LeeRoy's ribs are showing through his skin, and is in very bad shape. Animal Control stated that the dog MUST go back to the owner after the vet care is completed. The owner was given multiple citations; however, we DO NOT want the dog to go back to there! Although we all know what it's like to have a beloved pet that we may not can financially support, we have to realize that they are very much like children and need financial care and love. LeeRoy was not getting either of those! If LeeRoy goes back to his owner, there's a risk that all the vet care he is getting will only prolong his death, instead of giving him a SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE! There are many people who are willing to give this boy a WONDERFUL home! Please sign this petition to do our part to keep LeeRoy from having to go back to an abusive home. If you are able, please donate to his vet care by sending funds to the following PayPal link: