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Columbia: Give us back our coverage!

Columbia used to cover abortion care for all of us. But this year, they stripped a large majority of our student body of this coverage. Now, only students enrolled on the Columbia plan are guaranteed coverage. Most of us are not on this plan, and are now vulnerable and unprotected.  Where we once had a guarantee of safe, confidential protections, we now have a large and troubling gap--one that our University should be doing something about.

When faced with a difficult medical situation, we should be able to rely on our community here for support, like we once could.  Columbia, don't politicize student health, and don't make bureaucratic excuses: Provide financial protection and confidentiality for all students who seek medically necessary abortion.  Cover us, Columbia!

NOTE: If you are a Columbia or Barnard student, staff, or faculty, please include your UNI in the "Why is this important" section when you fill out the petition.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Executive Vice President for Student and Administrative Services
    Columbia University: Jeff Scott
  • Chief Administrator for CU Health
    Thomas Palatucci
  • Dean of CC
    James Valentini
  • Dean of Student Affairs for Columbia College / Columbia Engineering
    Kevin Shollenberger

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