No Pitbull Ban in Columbia Missouri

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As of October 6, 2019, Columbia City Council is starting discussion of a pitbull ban. This will lead to bully breeds and “pitbull-like dogs” in shelters being euthanized, and current owners possibly having to surrender their dog. Let them know we will not support this. The American Pitbull Terriers is shown to have a better temperament toward people than German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers according to the American Temperament Test Society. They over flow shelters leading to more bite cases based on population proportion that gives them a bad name. Despite the fact that almost half of the dogs at the Central Missouri Humane Society are some form of “pitbull” less than 25% of bite cases last year were attributed to them. Half the dogs made up less than a fourth of the bite cases. “Pitbulls” also make up 40% of euthanized dogs already; please don’t let Columbia City Council increase this number.