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Shehnaaz kaur gill BB13 contestant who has won hearts from the very first day. She made the show entertaining and worth watching. She gave her everything to the show and made people laugh. She didnt create unnecessary ruckus or issues. She let every injustice done to her go because she doesn't believe in taking sympathy.But lately we feel that the injustices have gone too far.

Shehnaaz kaur gill has a history of depression which she has admitted to in the show many times. Although she has recovered but 'jealousy' is one word that triggers her anxiety and as a result she starts hitting herself. Many housemates have thus used the word to bring her down. Now we also see ColorsTv's reality show Bigg boss also using this for their TRP. It is expected for a channel of such magnitude to show maturity and respect but they are seen using this 'jealous' thing in their tasks too. Which lead to another breakdown of Shehnaaz gill. What is even worse is that she is getting bashed for this behaviour too. Her emotional breakdown is being called a drama.

We demand from ColorsTv to take mental health seriously and help spread awareness rather than making victim more liable to get bullied.

We also expect an apology to Shehnaaz gill by the Bigg Boss team.