Co State House, amend our Constitution and add a preemption prohibiting BSL in Home Rule

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Breed Specific Legislation and Breed Discrimination Legislation is a ordinance created by Home Rule and Municipals prohibiting a certain "breed" or "type of breed" of dog into their city limits for the safety of the community. Denver County is responsible for almost 3,500 innocent banned dogs being wrongfully taken from their homes and killed due to unprofessional, and uneducated opinions. I'm confused as to why we are not judging our dogs by behavior and temperament? Isnt that what really matters? How the dog behaves and if that dog is a threat or not to you, your family and neighbors? How does the looks of a dog matter as to how they act? It's truly silly if you think about it. Every dog can bite and cause damage.

This outdated ordinance is not doing our communities any kind of a public safety measure. It's actually making our neighborhoods more dangerous by not addressing the real problem, the owners!

Owners need to be held 100% responsible for their dogs actions. Background checks on owners and harsher abuse/neglect penalties need to be applied. 

To help correct the problem, I think every owner and dog should have a behavioral assessment, by a vet or animal behavioral specialist upon registering their animal. This information will be uploaded and monitored onto a database accessible by various officials. A behavioral evaluation will help in identifying and correct potential dangerous dog or what actions can lead to a potentially dangerous dog. Proactive approaches and monitoring will help to curve the breeding, fighting and irresponsible ownership as well as animal abuse/neglect.

There are many more was to ensure the safety of the community that can be talked about. Banning breeds is not the way. If you have a suggestion, please leave them in the comments section. All comments will be sent over with petition.

I am asking the Colorado State House to sdd an amendment to the Colorado State Constitution by adding a preemption law that will prohibit any and ALL City and Counties in Colorado from enacting and or enforcing any regulations on dogs due to breed or breed characteristics only. 

It is time for Colorado to make a stand and reevaluate bringing our families back home!


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