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This Bill was made to target people with epilepsy because of an uncontrollable accident that happened years ago and the family of the victims are now seeking retribution as they thought that justice had not been done when the Courts had determined the accident to be an accident that could not be foreseen. Even though this act of revenge is targeting people with epilepsy it can easily be used to target any of the elderly, anyone with diabetes, anyone who has an iron deficiency, people who suffer from migraines as well as people with chronically low blood pressure.

This Bill, if passed, would force physicians to report to the State any person under there care that has been diagnosed with any condition or disease that causes them to have a "a loss, interruption, or lapse of consciousness or motor function". Upon the physician reporting the patient the State will revoke their license and give them thirty days to appeal that decision. 

This will cause many dangers to both physicians and patients alike, as this violates doctor-patient confidentiality patients will be reluctant to seek a doctor for treatment for any problems that they might be having for fear that they will have their licenses revoked and they will be a danger to other and themselves because they will not have a treatment plan. This is also a blatant threat to physicians as the punishment for not turning in their patients they would be required to pay up to three hundred dollars in fines and up to ninety days in jail. The physicians, to protect themselves, will follow the law to avoid these extreme punishments that would be imposed by this bill if it became law. 

I am starting this petition because many people who have epilepsy, the target of this Bill, are very well managed with our epilepsy and are very safe drivers. Many of us are safer than most people who are driving on the road because we are inherently more cautious when doing activities to constantly check our surroundings and be defensive drivers while being vigilant about our safety on the road. 

There are some of us who should not drive, I know a few, and as a community we understand that and those people don't drive. There are services and other forms of transportation that allows them to get from point A to point B without endangering people which, if incapable of driving, are safely utilized.

Accidents happen every day whether it be caused by bad luck, drunk driving, texting or simply on the phone with a friend. In a report released by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Maryland in 2004 they reported that fatal crashes caused by epilepsy averaged 86 deaths per year between 1995-1997. This was compared to the 44,000 deaths each year caused by other factors, most commonly drunk driving. 

What we want is what you give every other person on the road, and that is the choice to drive. Historically we are good at driving as indicated by the numbers above, and though there will be unforeseeable accidents at least those of us who are driving have a treatment plan and understand our limits for driving based on the discussions we have had with our doctors, friends, and family members. However, if this Bill is passed there will be people out there on the roads who will not go to their doctors for help and will be driving and will be a danger to themselves and others. If you truly do care about keeping your roads safe for yourself and your family and making your commute to and from places safer do not support this Bill sparked by revenge and a lack of understanding.

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