We want Morgan Ingram's felony stalking investigation & suspicious death investigaton opened with the Attorney General's office

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Morgan Ingram was happy, loving, and full of life. She loved her family and her friends and had big plans for her life. She loved her puppy Wylah May and her cat Mogwai. She had completed 2 years of college, and had plans to continue on and then apply to law school. She was a dancer, a photographer, a beautiful girl with so much potential. A brave girl, a strong girl, a determined young woman.

Something sinister came into her life on August 2, 2011, a couple of weeks before her 20th birthday. Someone evil had fixated on Morgan and was about to turn her life -- and her parents' life -- into a living hell.

Morgan was stalked by this person for four months. She was followed in her car, and spied on while she walked her dog. She was driven into her parents' closet many nights by the sound of rocks thrown against her bedroom window. Here she slept for weeks until she finally decided she had enough and went back to sleeping in her room. The loud sounds to startle her awake in the middle of the night never stopped - they continued. After 7 weeks the Sheriff's opened a felony stalking case, but were never able to catch this person by using old fashioned reactionary tactics. Her parents were on edge and on guard at all times, using cameras and motion detectors, and alarms to turn their family home into a well-guarded fortress. The stalker was caught on camera several times, one time brazenly standing in the driveway seconds after law enforcement left, watching them go.

Morgan's stalking culminated in a parent's worst nightmare, almost four months to the day after it started: with her sudden death under very suspicious circumstances. Her death was never investigated properly and her felony stalking case was dropped. So her stalker is still out there and will stalk again.

Stalking is a serious crime, the most underreported crime at this time, and unless law enforcement is required to follow a case through, and aggressively go after these criminals no one in our state, or anywhere else will be safe. Law Enforcement Protocol needs to change, laws need to be made stronger to protect victims, and communication and sharing of information between law enforcement agencies across State and County lines needs to be implemented. People should not have to live in fear.

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