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Colorado State Goverment, Adams County Goverment: Stop attacking Natural Sustainable Affordable Farmers

When the goverment attacks Natural Sustainable Affordable Agriculture in their communities it forces the farmers to "pay to play the Organic game" and drives healthy food out of the reach of the avarage working class Joe. It deprives communities of family farmers, and promotes the large factory farms and chemical companies. Food Independence is essential to Healthy Natural Sustainable Affordable Agriculture. No one should be deprived Natural Healthy food because of their economic position in life. The Colorado State Department of Agriculture, The Colorado Governers Office, The Adams County Goverment, and The Weld County Goverment are actively harrassing and persecuting those who choose to take a stand and choose to "go it naturally", caring about the enviorment and caring about providing Healthy Natural Affordable food for our neighbors.

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  • Colorado Dept Of Agriculture, Colorado Governer Hickenlooper
    Colorado State Goverment,

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