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Last weekend a group of civilians alongside some hardened, barrel chested freedom fighters carried a 1,000 lbs bench up the Manitou Incline in memory of SSG David Dunlap and his Wife and Unborn Child.

We found out just hours ago that the city's Parks and Recreation Department wants to have it removed because a permit wasn't issued. We need everyone's voice on this. We have the support of the people and some of its politicians but we need much more help in keeping the memorial where it was placed. We can't put into words what everyone did and it truly showed what a community, large or small, can accomplish; coming together for the sake of someone else.

Please sign the petition and help.

Letter to
Colorado Springs, State of Colorado, & The United States of America
Please do your part and sign this petition in support of the SSG David Dunlap Memorial atop the Manitou Incline. Allow us to honor our fallen war fighters in suitable and respectable fashion.

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