Ask Gov. Polis to announce a COVID-19 Relief Package for Food & Bev

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We request that Governor Polis and the State of Colorado immediately announce a relief package in the wake of the mandate that the Food and Beverage Industry close for 8-weeks during this COVID-19 outbreak. The approximately 250,000 Food Service workers statewide are no longer subjected to dangerous environments which are hubs of community spread but in the absence of business they become a particularly vulnerable population from an economic standpoint.

The industry is particularly vulnerable to this current economic reality with many employees relying on tips and living paycheck to paycheck and with many business surviving on a week to week basis. 

Please, Governor Polis, address this matter swiftly in a public forum so the Food & Beverage Industry can begin to understand how to move forward in the next 8-weeks. Many employees and business owners are unsure about their future and fearful of complete financial disablement.

We eagerly await the announcement of a detailed relief program, we all know it is the right thing to do. 

Thank you.