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Petitioning Chairman, Colorado PUC Joshua Epel and 8 others

Colorado PUC: Don't Shut Down Uber!! Withdraw Proposed Rules Changes!



Since our launch 5 months ago, Uber has made great strides in creating a convenient, efficient, and classy transportation alternative in Denver. Uber’s technology platform has improved transportation options for thousands of Denverites, and has helped grow the small businesses of hundreds of our driver partners.

Unfortunately, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission proposed rule changes this month which, if enacted, would shut UberDenver down. We need your help to prevent these regulations from taking effect!  

Our Blog details the damaging rules changes that would end Uber’s ability to operate in Denver. Consumer choice and accountability would be reduced and the incomes of hundreds of Denver drivers that depend on Uber would be significantly and negatively impacted.


It’s up to all of us to let state officials know the impact of these changes.  We believe Colorado Governor Hickenlooper and other state officials are friends of innovation and will be receptive and responsive to our cause. Here’s what you can do:

1) Contact Gov. Hickenlooper and tell him, "Save Uber in Colorado! Withdraw PUC Rules Changes to sections 6001, 6301, & 6309."

Email Gov. Hickenlooper

Tweet to @hickforco

Write on Gov. Hickenlooper’s Facebook Wall

2)  Contact the Colorado PUC Directly:

Email Joshua Epel, Chairman

Email Doug Dean, Director

3)  Sign this petition to show the PUC your #UberDENVERLove!

Please help keep Uber moving Denver forward – we can’t do it without you!

With #UberDenverLove,

Will McCollum -
UberDenver General Manager

Letter to
Chairman, Colorado PUC Joshua Epel
Commissioner Colorado PUC James Tarpey
Commissioner Colorado PUC Pam Patton
and 6 others
Commission Counsel, First Assistant Attorney General, Colorado PUC Todd Lundy
Commission Counsel, First Assistant Attorney General, Colorado PUC Mariya Cassin
Section Chief, Transportation, Colorado PUC Ron Jack
Rates and Authorities, Transportation, Colorado PUC Larry Herold
Investigations and Compliance, Transportation, Colorado PUC Cliff Hinson
Director, Colorado PUC Doug Dean
PUC Members - Please withdraw all proposed rules changes to sections 6001 (ff), 6301, and 6309 of Docket No. 13R-0009TR. These changes would broadly restrict the use of technology in the limo industry and ultimately prohibit Uber ( from operating its Black Car business in Denver. The comment period on these rules changes ends Monday February 11th, so please act now to withdraw these rules changes.

Having safe, reliable and affordable transportation options is important for the future growth and success of Denver. Moreover, I believe that Governor Hickenlooper and the State of Colorado will be responsive to our calls to embrace innovation and create a welcoming environment for new businesses to start-up and grow.

Since Uber's launch in September 2012, Uber has made great strides in creating a convenient, efficient, and classy transportation alternative in Denver. As a licensed Denver business, Uber has improved transportation options for 1000s of Denverites, helped 100s of drivers increase their weekly income, and our driver patners’ small businesses grow. These rules changes will end those positive outcomes. For more information about the proposed Rules and their impact on Uber, please see Uber Denver’s Blog at


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