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Keep 'Telluride Dog Sitting' from harming animals ever again!

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'Telluride Dog Sitting' is actually a multifaceted company. and her husband Dan Koon own/operate the business and are animal breeders, boarders/groomers and trainers in Southwest Colorado. Recently, theyve had their license suspended due to an animal cruelty case which they plead "no contest" to. It involved, among other things, letting newborn puppies knowingly suffer for 5 days before deciding to act "compassionately" by stomping the puppies heads in.

The following is a comment from their former vet; Steven Richard Smollen, made towards: "So, wait?!?, say people are choosing to listen to lies?!?...what lies are you referring to?

Do you not remember coming into my office and telling me that you were going to kill those 5 puppies if they were born mixed breed? Remember?...I ultrasounded the puppies and congratulated you that they were all told me about the dog you were boarding that got out of your trailer and mounted and bred your pure breed dog after you just bred here to your pure breed....remember? You were mad that they may not be pure breed....and you said you were going to kill you not remember coming back into my hospital after the puppies were born? Remember you said they were born mixed breed and that you killed them...remember me asking you how you did it? Remember my staff's response to what you said? Remember how upset she was when you said you stepped on their heads?.....remember how she asked you how you could ever do such a thing?....and you said that is why you put them in a bag? you didn't have to see it?!? Do you Remember?!?....this was a pre mediated act.....are you saying this is a lie?? This was in 2 sworn statements acquired by the Sherrif's department."

Please help see they can never harm another animal, by permanently revoking their license to operate any of these businesses again!

...recently, has changed the name of her business from; 'Wash N Watch Dogs', to; 'Telluride Dog Sitting'....continuing her business in disguise and blatantly disregarding her court order.

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