Last call at 4:00am for Downtown Denver Bars and Nightclubs

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Last call at 4:00am for Downtown Denver Bars and Nightclubs

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UPDATE 02/16/2017: Colorado bill passes today!! HB 17-1123 passed its third reading in the House on Wednesday. The bill would allow local governments to pass ordinances to allow bars in their jurisdiction to stay open later.

If the bill passes the state senate, it would likely take effect in August.



Current law mandates all bars and nightclubs across the state must stop selling alcohol at 2 a.m. - A well designed plan 5 years ago. Now, Colorado maintained its ranking as a top 10 state for employment growth during 2014 and will post a strong forecast 3 percent increase in employment in 2015. The employment base is expected to reach 2.5 million workers in 2015, representing the addition of over 66,000 jobs. People are moving here & people's expectations to the nightlife are increasing.

Forbes ranked Denver as the second-best city to launch a start-up business and NerdWallet ranked Denver the fifth-best city in the U.S. for millennial-aged entrepreneurs. The solid business fundamentals in Metro Denver ensure that the region will continue to expand in 2015 and beyond. Colorado’s expanding employment base, high quality of life, and increasing presence in the global business community continue to attract individuals and businesses to the state.

Last Call across the nation:

Las Vegas 24/7

Los Angeles 4am

Miami 24/7

New York 4am

New Orleans 24/7

Chicago 4am

& Denver.... 2am.

Let's accept the fact that Denver is now a destination spot. We have one of the nation's major US airports. We are growing at a fast pace and we need to be able to serve, not only the tourist but to the new citizens of this state. By closing at 1:30-2am. We are risking a hyped up crowd that wasn't ready to call it a night. making the drive out of downtown a nightmare with the risk of DUI's all over the city. By allowing a 4am last call, people will begin to scatter earlier than the 4am call, making the end of the night more manageable for all on duty officers, cabs and civilians.


Sign and share the petition to allow a 4am last call in our downtown Denver bars & nightclubs.

Welcome to the MILE HIGH CITY!

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