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Colorado and the Gas & Oil industry: Don't frack our city

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Longmont , Colorado is located on the Wattenburg oil field.The question is, will we let the oil and gas industry sacrifice the city to get the gas reserves? The citizens of Longmont said ‘we want to vote on that question’ and launched a very successful, city-wide, non-partisan, petition drive to be able to vote to change the city charter to prohibit fracking within the city limits.

Drilling an oil or gas well emits methane which is an invisible, odorless, toxic gas. Methane is emitted into the air for the life of the well, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fracking uses five million gallons of water per frack. If the city decides to sell the mineral rights on public land we could expect wells to be in all our open spaces including golf courses, parks, ball fields, airports, schools, etc. That is a lot of poisonous gas in our air. That is a lot of water for a state that doesn’t have enough water to fight our forest and wild fires.

Some parts of Colorado have had so much benzene and other carcinogens contaminating the water that it has become flammable and poisonous. We do not want this to happen to Longmont’s water and air.

Colorado’s energy policy supports the G&O industry by agreeing to let them drill wells 350 feet from any school or building. The state is violating Home Rule status and our constitutional rights to clean air and water. There is no promise of job creation within our city by the industry. There is no expectation of spillage cleanup or road repair by the industry. Historically, there has been no evidence of lower gas prices when fracking is allowed within a municipality. There is only the threat of law suits.

This could happen to you and your city. We already subsidize (taxes) the gas & oil industry with millions of dollars each year. Don’t let them take our land, air, water and property values too.

Let our government know that we do have a voice. If you live in Longmont, vote “YES” on 300 for the Longmont Health, Safety, and Wellness Act to prohibit fracking in the city limits. If you have friends or relatives who live in the city of Longmont, Co., encourage them to vote “YES” on 300 for the Longmont Health, Safety, and Wellness Act to prohibit fracking in the city limits.


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