Reopen 'Santa's Winter Village' NOW

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You may have seen on social media that a Christmas-themed children's event in Noarlunga, South Australia, named 'Santa's Winter Village', was shut down after it went viral for not looking very good and costing too much.

This report even says that 'social media users' and 'one man' called it "the Fyre Festival of kids' Santa events".  And I should know.  Because I am that one man social media user.

The thing is, while Santa's Winter Village looked awful, and cost far too much, it should not have been cancelled by an army of howling whingers.  NEVER.

Because though they may not know it, Santa's Winter Village represents the true spirit of Christmas.

Nothing is ever quite as special as we remember it as children, as I'm sure every adult will agree.  But it is in that bittersweet spirit of remembrance that many of us find a true sense of Christmas joy.  We wistfully remember our own childhood joy, whilst recognising that nothing is ever quite the same.  We work hard, then, to recreate that joy for the children in our lives.

But what's truly special about Santa's Winter Village is that it teaches children this same bittersweet joy usually reserved for adulthood - right away.

Because even as kids they already get to see why it is a bit rubbish.

That is the truest joy of Christmas.

Please sign this petition to demand that Colonnades Shopping Centre immediately reinstate Santa's Winter Village.  We also demand that they double the entry price, to teach these where-is-the-manager Karens a lesson. 

Life is not perfect.  In fact, it's mostly a letdown.  Let's teach that to children this Christmas.