Justice for Zeek & Tammy

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Tammy Myers never expected her Special Needs kitty Zeek would be stolen by a devious scam artist named Heather Miller already known to Maine authorities as a fraudulent ‘animal expert’, whom she unsuspectingly put trust in to help Zeek with physical therapy, but that is exactly what happened. Tammy never expected to be ignored or dismissed in her frantic appeals to both the local law enforcement and state animal welfare authorities to help her get Zeek back home, to level theft charges against the woman who refused to return him to her, but that is exactly what is continuing to happen in Houlton, Maine.

In September 2017, Tammy Myers was still searching for help for Zeek, who was wheelchair bound—his condition having been diagnosed by a local veterinarian as neurological complications from early onset Toxoplasmosis. Tammy sought a second opinion; in fact, Tammy took Zeek to several vets to try to find treatment for his rear leg paralysis in order to give him the best quality of life he needed and deserved.

Tammy also sought support help through a Facebook page (Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges) whose members seemed to understand what Zeek and she were going through. The CwP page admin, Terri Morgan put her in touch with someone Morgan called ‘experienced with special needs animals’: Heather Miller of the former Millers Safe Haven/ Haven of 2nd Chances/ Team Emerson in Houlton, Maine. Morgan also instructed Tammy to never use Miller’s name on the CwP page. Tammy was more concerned with helping Zeek and, trusting Terri, she did not question why. She made contact with Miller.

*****What Tammy hadn’t learned at that time was that many people on the CwP page knew Miller is publicly known for killing a healthy, 11-month-old Special Needs pup Harley/Gino in February 2016 simply because she could and expected she would get away with it. And the Aroostook County District Attorney, Todd Collins, allowed that to happen. Miller lied and said Harley was adopted. Shelter workers from the facility where Miller worked found his body in the shelter freezer. Exposed for lying, Miller then lied and claimed he fell down the stairs and died instantly, broken neck. The state-performed necropsy did not substantiate either injuries consistent with a stair fall or the broken neck claim. He was killed with drugs. Harley/Gino was not, never was, a vested shelter dog and Miller’s Safe Haven was not a rescue/shelter/business at the time, except for Miller’s use of the name to make it appear so. She had dissolved MSH five months earlier, after only five months of being ‘in business’. Her subsequent claim that she killed Harley/Gino in accordance with her certified authority as a rescue is false. She had no such authority to use drugs on her own dogs, not even to kill him at the shelter where she was employed and held the state certification for euthanasia. Harley/Gino did have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) since birth, but many dogs and cats with that neurological condition live good quality lives with love & proper care.  Miller gave him neither. The story and update are enclosed in this now-closed Petition for Justice appealing to the district attorney who eventually failed the innocent puppy.*****

Upon Miller’s assurance that she was what she said she was--a vet tech and animal physical therapist--and that she would take on helping Zeek, Tammy and Miller agreed to a six-month physical therapy regimen to be done at Miller’s house in Houlton, four hours away from Tammy’s home. It was agreed if the physical therapy wasn’t working anytime during that six-month period, Zeek would go back home and Tammy would look elsewhere for help for him.

On 9/16/2017 Tammy handed Zeek over to Miller in a parking lot in Bangor, Maine. Aside from his paralysis, Zeek was, for all intents and purposes, a healthy-looking boy. Photos support that. The parting was difficult for Tammy, even for being only the six months it would take to help Zeek become more mobile. But what Tammy would find out within weeks was that would be the last time she would ever hold, even touch, kiss or speak to, her baby Zeek.

On 9/17 Tammy texted Miller to ask how he was coping. Miller’s response was: “He’s doing wonderful.”

On 9/18 again Tammy inquired like a worried Mom. Miller’s response: “He is good. Sleeping with the little kitten.” (Sidenote: the Toxoplasmosis Zeek was diagnosed with is contagious to other animals, a true animal expert, vet tech, etc. would know that and would have quarantined him from the other animals. At the time, Miller’s animal count, by her own Instagram photos, was approximately 2.5-3 dozen in her 1024sf house).

On 9/19 Tammy received the text that Zeek was “comatosed” and Miller claimed it was Tammy’s fault for overmedicating him.

On 9/20 Miller’s text read “His urine is great”, that he was ready to begin physical therapy and that Miller had a great team of people who were paying for his physical therapy – not taking place in Miller’s house and not by her, but by a ‘vet’. On 9/20 Miller’s continued text also stated she understood it was a six-month agreement to help him.

On 9/23 Miller wrote to Tammy that ‘if she loved him she should let him go, that he should stay with Miller. Tammy did not, would not, give him away. She wanted Miller’s promised help for him, that’s all.

Subsequently, Miller claimed PT was not working. Tammy asked for him back. Miller claimed ‘moving him was not in his best interest’, with no proof to substantiate that. Tammy again asked for him back. Miller said no. At that point in time, under Maine Revised Statutes Title 17-A ss353.1.A, Miller committed Theft by depriving Tammy of her legal property (Zeek). It is also probable that Theft by Deception (ss354.1.A) was committed as it appears Miller never intended to give him back; that she obtained him through fraudulent claims of being an expert of Special Needs animals as well as an animal physical therapy.

In early November, having enough of being rejected in her attempts to get Zeek home and being told she was the reason for his unsubstantiated failing health, Tammy told Miller she was coming to Houlton to get Zeek. At that time, Miller informed her Zeek “died the night before”. Subsequent texts from Miller demonstrate a complete lack of empathy for Tammy’s grieving over the loss of her beloved cat; Miller even claiming Zeek was hers and Tammy couldn’t even have his ashes back. Miller provided no paperwork for the three vets she claimed saw Zeek in the Houlton area. She provided no receipt for the cremation she claimed to have ordered; Tammy isn’t even sure if Zeek is actually dead or if he’s alive and still suffering at Miller’s house, or if Miller gave him away.

Tammy Myers’ repeated attempts to get the Houlton Police Department (Sgt. Wampler) and Maine Animal Welfare involved in helping her get her cat back, or real answers concerning his alleged death, go unheeded. HPD keeps passing it off to the local Animal Control Officer who has no legal authority to do anything.

The Houlton Police Department is ignoring Tammy’s loss of property, the intentional THEFT of Zeek perpetrated by Heather Miller.

ME AW Director Liam Hughes’ response shows he spoke with Miller and is taking her word as gospel, despite the fact Miller has proven herself a liar in many instances. He cares nothing for the real owner of Zeek and the pain she’s going through. Hughes cares nothing for the deception of Miller’s scam of being an experienced animal physical therapist, vet tech, rescuer, etc. when she is not licensed for any of that.  Hughes claims state agents have been to Miller’s home and all is well; although it is well-known that his state humane agent assigned to that area, Chrissy McFarland, is such a good friend of Miller, that Miller attended the McFarland wedding, as well as double-dates with husbands from time-to-time. This is an outright CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Hughes also claims there was a necropsy done on Zeek, that he had even spoken to an unnamed ‘vet’ who said Zeek was terminal, but he has provided NO paperwork to Zeek’s real owner. Repeated emails to higher ups in Maine AW are passed back down to Hughes.

Maine Animal Welfare does not care Miller is (and has been for months) fraudulently obtaining animals, claiming to be experienced in handling them, and having them mysteriously die within weeks of arrival.

A couple days before Christmas, Tammy did get a package from Miller. She took it unopened to her local veterinarian. The package contained what resembled cremains according to the written statement from her vet.
But whose remains they truly are is undetermined. Are they from Zeek? Are they even feline remains?

All the answers to Tammy Myers’ questions need to be and should be addressed and forthcoming to her, not dismissed because of sloppy, indifferent police work and ME AW’s friendship with the person, Heather Miller, who refused to return Zeek to his rightful owner.  

This is the nightmare of any pet parent who trusts another human being with their animal’s life and well-being.  The nightmare has come true for Tammy.

Please use the contact list below to lend your voice to this appeal to get real answers to what happened to Zeek.

To get Justice for Zeek and Tammy.

To have all parties be held responsible for the jobs they’re supposed to be doing.

To make the Houlton Police Department do its job and accept Ms. Myers’ theft charges filed against Miller for refusing to return Zeek at first request and thereafter.

To make Maine Animal Welfare do its job to protect animals in the state and to shut down animal scammers and abusers and remove agents with clear conflict of interest where “inspection” of friends’ property is involved.

To make Maine Animal Welfare comply with Freedom of Access requests for all paperwork Mr. Hughes said he was obtaining concerning Zeek, including all vet reports, necropsy report and cremation receipt/certificate.

And to make sure this does not happen to any other pet and pet parent, please help spread the word.
Thank you.
**Updates on this petition for Justice for Zeek and Tammy can be found at the FB page that has been following the scams of Miller and the multitude of animal deaths suffered in her house since Harley/Gino’s death: Spotlight on MSH

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