Urge Virginia Police To Issue An Amber Alert For Jholie Moussa & Join The Search! #FindJho

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Jholie Moussa, a 16 year old girl from the Mt. Vernon area of Virginia has been missing since Friday January 12, 2018. However because this child left her home voluntarily the Fairfax County Police are considering her a run away rather than missing person. With that, Jholie left with intentions of coming RIGHT BACK, she left with NO clothes, NO belongings, and has NOT connected to any technology since the evening of Friday January 12th! The last phone call made to her phone right after she left her home Friday was from a man who borrowed a 12 year old boy's phone, which seems to have been done with intentions of not being able to be traced!  There is NO amber alert! The search appears to be very limited with the police department! See the article below for further details. 

Please sign this petition to help urge the Fairfax County Police to do more to help with finding Jholie! Although, I have never met Jholie or her family, nor am I any relation to them I feel the same as many others and that is that this could be anyone of our children! Its clear Jholie could very well be in danger! PLEASE HELP!


ALEXANDRIA, VA. - A desperate family pleads for the safe return of their 16-year-old daughter and twin sister.   

Jholie Moussa was last seen by a family member on Friday afternoon at their home in the Mt. Vernon area.  

"We communicate all the time. So, the fact that I haven't heard anything from my child, that's not normal," cried Syreeta Steward, Jholie's mother. 

Steward live in Texas and flown into town to help find her daughter. Jholie and her twin sister Zhane live with their father Cyrille Moussa.  

"The last time I saw her was in my room, she was doing my hair," said Zhane Moussa. "She stopped to text someone. After she stops, she says, 'I have to go, I'll be back real quick.'"

She said "real quick" several times, Zhane said.    

Jholie walked out the front door and never came back. 

Because both girls had told their parents that there were spending the night at friends' houses, nobody grew concerned until Saturday when Jholie still did not come home. Her family said she made a comment about going to Norfolk for a party, but her friends in Norfolk have not seen her.  

The girls' father Cyrille Moussa said they've tried to trace Jholie's iPhone, but it went dead Friday night and she has not turned it back on, which makes them very concerned. 

She also left the house without her iPhone charger or any extra clothes. She was wearing a black puffy coat with brown fur around the hood and black Uggs with black bows.  

A neighbor saw Jholie standing on near Richmond Highway a few blocks from her home Friday evening as if she was waiting fo ride.   

Another alarming piece of information is who may have called Jholie at 5 p.m. on Friday. She left their home at 4:45. The 5 p.m. call came from the cell phone of a 12-year-old boy who lives nearbyby according to Cyrille Moussa who talked to the boy. 

Cyrille Moussa said the boy told him that he was playing basketball in the neighborhood when another man asked to use his phone to make a call. The man was a dark-skinned black black man with short twist-curls in his hair.  

"Why would this man do that? It seems to me, he wanted to make a call that could not be traced to him," said Cyrille Moussa.    

Fairfax County Police call Jholie's disappearance a missing person case, but its classified as a "runaway," because she left the house voluntarily, and that's why police have not put out a missing person alert. But Jholie's family is worried she's being held against her will and could be in danger.