Jail the disgusting females abusing little Max and take him to a safe loving home.

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A video of two females abusing a little dog called Max went viral during the last days. 

One of the females is shown in the video to horribly abuse little Max and laughing, while a second distrurbed individual has filmed their horrific actions and posted the material on Facebook.

Thanks to some caring people who saw and shared the video, now the whole world knows about little Max. 

The 2 criminals are called Dania Kindell and Shad Aja and they live in Colombus GA.

The crime has been reported to the Animal Control Division at Colombus, GA, and it is being investigated.

Please sign and share the petition, to send a message to the authorities that we demand that the 2 distrurbed abusers are punished with the higher possible sentence, and be made an example for other vile humans that abuse helpless animals.

Sign and share to let the authorities know that we will be watching until appropriate punishment is given and little Max is moved to a safe place.