Monday meat free meals at school

Monday meat free meals at school

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Collier County School Board

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Started by Victor Le

Dear Collier County School Board,

We ask for your support in launching a Meatless Monday program in Collier County Schools. Meatless Monday is an evidence-based public health program that seeks to prevent diet-related chronic disease through reduced meat consumption. 

By not serving meat on Mondays, and instead featuring delicious and nutritious meatless meals, this change will more easily facilitate healthful choices among students and staff, diversify meal offerings, and have numerous health and environmental benefits. Furthermore, implementing Meatless Monday will:

Encourage healthful habits: According to a 2019 study, choosing not to eat meat on Monday can lead to making healthier food decisions throughout the week. Helping kids choose meatless meals establishes a habit that can continue into adulthood.
Improve student well-being: Schools offering meatless meals have noticed increased energy levels, attendance, and test scores. Decreasing the risk of chronic disease also increases the qualify of life. 
Decrease carbon footprint: A 30% reduction in animal products served at Oakland Unified School District resulted in a 14% reduction in their carbon footprint, 42 million gallons of water saved, and a cost savings of more than $40,000, according to a case study. Less meat consumption will create a more sustainable food system. 
As residents of Collier County, we strongly urge the board’s support of Meatless Monday in our districts’ school meals. Thank you for your consideration.

187 have signed. Let’s get to 200!