Please support the continued utilization of UBER ride sharing service in Collier County without government regulations.

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The free market is coming under attack in Collier County and we need your help!

It has come to our attention that the Taxi drivers are petitioning the County Commission to eradicate Uber from operating within Collier county.

What is Uber?

Uber is a smart phone based livery service. When you want a ride, instead of calling a taxi, you can use your smart phone to electronically schedule a pickup. Uber has become synonymous with excellent and fast service all over the world, and the taxi companies are nothing short of furious about it. Drivers for Uber are typically part time. When they have some time, they sign into the app and the app tells them when and where to pick up their next customer.

After you download the app and set up the account, it is extremely simple. The location feature on your phone shows on your map, and you can see Uber cars on the map near your location. You can request an Uber X, which will be a small car like a Prius; an XL, which will seat six passengers; a Black Car, which will be a limo-style Lincoln or Cadillac or Mercedes; or an SUV. Each choice is progressively more expensive than the previous one. After you pick the ride type and select your destination, the app will quote you an approximate cost of the ride, and you can request a driver. The app will tell you how far away the driver is, and you can then contact him by text or a phone call. When you are contacted, you get a picture of the driver and the tag number. There is no cash changing hands and no tipping. Your credit card is charged, and you get a bill messaged to your phone number on file within minutes of your trip’s completion.

You rate the driver from one to five stars, and his rating is displayed when you are offered his services. The passengers are also rated by the drivers. Abusive passengers may have a hard time getting a ride. Drivers with low ratings are quickly removed from service. Can you imagine this kind of accountability in any highly regulated cab service?

The cab companies are understandably very hostile to this new competitor, who is not subjected to the high fees and licensing requirements they themselves must undergo. Municipalities and states are trying to "level the playing field" which is often resulting in the outright ban of the service. Lee County has recently passed an ordinance that imposes crippling regulations on Uber.

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