Petition for Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Collier County

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We the citizens of Collier County hold that licensed Medical Cannabis access is critical to the letter and spirit of Amendment 2. Florida voters made very clear our intent when we voiced our agreement to Legal Medical Marijuana by an overwhelming vote of 71.3% in favor of Florida's Amendment 2. This vote amended Article X, Section 29, to allow the "Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions," with a physician’s recommendation and stands aside from limited "Compassionate Use" law, 381.986, Florida Statutes, and chapter 2016- 123, Laws of Florida. We further hold that the moratorium in Collier County places local patients' access to this legal medication at undue risk.

Your continual non action on approving medical marijuana dispensaries is in blatant disregard to the 64.3% of Collier citizens who voted to have safe access to medical cannabis. In addition, the moratorium presents an unjust and unsafe proposition for all patients in Collier County and unilaterally removes our citizens’ rights to safe local access to cannabis medication. We will continue to rally the 64.3% of Collier Citizens in order to vote out whomever continues to stop access to medical cannabis dispensaries in Collier County.

Additional ways you can be involved: 

1. Voice your concern in email to:

Donna Fiala, District 1 Email:

Andy Solis, Esq. Vice Chairman, District 2 Email:

Burt L. Saunders, District 3 Email:

Penny Taylor, Chairman, District 4 Email:

William L. McDaniel, Jr., District 5 Email:

2: Consider asking for a face to face with your commissioner

3. Consider attending and speaking to the Commissioners during any meeting during the public comment times.

4. Write a Letter to the Editor to

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to allow for safe access to Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Collier County without delay and to vote down any moratorium on the Medical Cannabis Businesses that may seek to begin operation in the county.