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College Street Bar Shutdown!

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A Toronto bar owner and manager are now facing multiple gang sex assault charges after a 24-year-old woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and forcibly confined inside a Little Italy bar last December.

Toronto residents Gavin MacMillan, 41, and Enzo De Jesus Carrasco, 31, were first arrested and charged by 14 Division shortly after the alleged assault, which began on the evening of Dec. 14, 2016, and continued until the early morning hours of Dec. 15 at College Street Bar.

MacMillan, is now facing charges of forcible confinement, trafficking in schedule substance, failure to comply with recognizance, and four counts of gang sexual assault.

Carrasco, the bar manager, is facing charges of forcible confinement, trafficking in schedule substance, four counts of gang sexual assault, and three counts of sexual assault.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in the City of Toronto. This is not the first time we had to wait and fight to find out more information. Where it took place? What is happening to ensure it will not happen again? and who is responsible for committing such a monstrous crime? We have the answers now, so what happens next?

As a survivor, Toronto resident, and the Co-Founder of The Sexual Assault Action Coalition, I, and all the people signing this petition are here to demand the following.

1. College Street Bar, if it remains open WILL NOT allow Gavin MacMillan owner and Enzo De Jesus Carrasco, Manger, to interact with patrons or to be on the premises during business hours until after their trial and a verdict in this case has been made. 

2. College Street Bar, if it remains open, WILL comply with Bill 132 and ensure that there are transparent anti-sexual violence and anti-harassment policies for all patrons and staff. This will be posted on their website. 

3. College Street Bar, if it remains open, will close for a designated period, for all staff and owners to receive anti-sexual violence and anti-harassment training. All employee's will be paid during this time their hourly wage to ensure there are no lost wages due to the heinous actions of the owner and one employee. 

4. College Street Bar, if it remains open, will participate with the Sexual Assault Action Coalitions in the "Dandelion Project" which trains employees and owners on protocols and practices that create safe spaces, inclusive environments and transparent actions! Thereby, receiving a dandelion sticker, to be placed on their window to hold them accountable to the public. The dandelion sticker will only be given to establishments that complete all training and thereby agree to ensure safe spaces for all people. 

5. College Street Bar, If it remains open, will donate to a local organization or group that supports survivors of sexual assault and violence. 

We intend to hold The Ministry of Labour, Kevin Flynn Minister of Labour responsible to ensure that College Street Bar complies with our 5 recommendations and Bill 132. We intent to hold the owners Of College Street Bar responsible to meet all five recommendations. We, The Sexual Assault Action Coalition will ensure that monthly check in with staff is completed to maintain their dandelion status and that there will be an online platform for patrons to submit their experiences as well. 

If these five recommendations are not completed within the next 21 days we will take to peaceful protest outside of the establishment and encourage all patrons to boycott College Street Bar. There is no more room for complacency, there is no space for silence and we will stand together to ensure that this never happens again. 

(Update: January 26th- second demonstration to take place outside of the bar, since reopening Jan 1st they have not contacted us, or made any strides to create a transparent system of accountability to patrons, nor have we heard from the ministry of labour. So in accordance to our demands not being met, we are demonstrating again Jan 27th at 8pm)

I will be contacting local bars and venues who would want to participate in the Dandelion Project and show their solidarity, transparency and humanity. If you know of any or own or operate one please email me: - ATTN: Viktoria Belle

#collegestreetbarshutdown #webelievesurvivors #NOMOREVAW 


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