CNO should be giving nursing licenses to ALL nursing students who can't write Nclex exam

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With the current Covid-19 pandemic rapidly spreading across Canada, our country is going to find itself in dire need of qualified health care workers. There are thousands of students across the country who have completed nursing school, but are not able to write the NCLEX exam because the testing centres are closed down. The CNO should remove the NCLEX requirement for ALL nurses who have a diploma in nursing from an accredited college or university, and have graduated in the past 5 years (so long as they have completed a refresher course)

My wife finished nursing school 4 years ago, but has struggled passing the NCLEX exam because she suffers from test anxiety. She has recently completed a refresher course (Including in class and placement in hospital 400 hours in ICU/Emerg) She was scheduled to write the NCLEX exam again on March 17, but the testing centres closed down that very same morning. 

She is more than qualified to be a nurse, and a great one that. She is currently working as a PSW and feels absolutely helpless that she can't help out in this time of need. 

Please sign the petition below so my wife and others like her can continue to pursue their dream, and help out the country when we need them most!