Take the #IWontProvide pledge to protect youth from underage drinking.

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The Youth Leadership Institute’s (YLI) Fresno County Friday Night Live(FNL) Youth Advocacy Leadership League (YALL) team consists of leaders from across Fresno County who participate in their local Friday Night Live (FNL) chapters. Fresno County FNL youth leaders, feel it is important in our community to reduce underage drinking and reduce the accessibility of alcohol to minors. The I Won’t Provide Campaign aims to educate college-aged and young adults on how to drink responsibly, with drinking responsibly the YALL team is making the ask to not provide alcohol to minors, instead be a part of the solution to reduce underage drinking.

A survey conducted earlier this year by FNL leaders and YALL participants revealed that 67% of young people in Fresno County report they are getting alcohol from older friends. The data showed that 36% of youth gain access to alcohol through siblings, 39% get it from adult family members, and 33% obtain it from adult strangers, 

With the support from seven FNL Chapters across Fresno County: Edison, Kerman, Orange Cove, Reedley, Roosevelt, Selma, and Sunnyside. Together we hope to reach as many young adults as we can in order to reduce underage drinking in Fresno County.