Justice for Monika DR who was killed brutally by her in-laws demanding dowry

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Dear friends, 

As one among the youngsters of Saurashtrian community, I would surely believe that we all know what's happening around us and in our community. A 20 year old mother of a 10 month old baby has been brutally killed by her in-laws demanding dowry. Her father in law being an advocate has done this terrific murder by giving electric shock , pressing her neck hard etc. These are proven by the police officers also.And after all they have done , they've made a set up like a suicide kind of death by hanging shawl on the ceiling fan and by writing a suicide letter like she had written. No one knows about other things that really happened. She had been struggling much from the day one of her married life by several strict conditions and by demanding dowry. She was murdered in January 4th at around 12pm cruelly by her in-laws. Though the murderers were arrested on the same day, they were out the next day in bail by paying several lakhs to the police department. If these kind of incident continues in our community,then there would be many lives struggling and leading to death. So you fellow people,please wake up and let us make a good way for a great change. If you cannot raise your voice against this issue for any reason at least do sign this petition  if you want this case to be investigated properly by the police department and till culprits are punished. #justiceformonikadr