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Stop the Killing Save the Grey Wolves

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Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) are predators who live around the continent of North America. People are killing Gray Wolves for sport, in rare cases to save a human life,  and it won't stop unless we take action. Gray wolves are an important part of the ecosystem where they live.If the Gray Wolves becomes extinct their prey, rodents, will run wild and they will eat the base of the food chain. If the population of rodents are no longer under control then it might affect crops on farms and the price of fruits or vegetables will increase for consumers.

We need to start  putting up Wildlife Preserves on mountaintops, particularly in the North. This area will be protected by the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966 ,which was updated in 1997. According to this law violation of such Wildlife Preserve will result in fines Up to 50,000 or a Year's imprisonment or both. In conclusion we need to present this to our local senators/representatives, asking them to present it to the Senate or the House of Representatives in hopes of it being ratified.

Gray Wolves are also called timber wolves!

Hard decision maker is Colin O'Mara CEO of the National Wildlife Federation


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