Stop Colgate-Palmolive's Racial Branding

Stop Colgate-Palmolive's Racial Branding

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Austin Bate started this petition to Colgate-Palmolive

Stop Colgate-Palmolive’s Racial Branding

An estimated 800,000 kids in the U.S and countless others around the world are subject to direct and violent racial discrimination. Most of this can be attributed to the existence of companies like Colgate-Palmolive, which support racism. Colgate-Palmolive is infamous for its racial branding and history of exploiting racism. Colgate-Palmolive uses the brands Darlie and “Darkie”, which is a racial slur. Even though the company rebranded Darkie as “Darlie” amid protests in the 1980s, Colgate-Palmolive has assured customers that Darlie would still be called Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste” in Chinese. The image on the packaging is still reminiscent of racist Black and White Minstrel shows from which it originated. Colgate-Palmolive must stop Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”, give a public apology for the name Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste” and give all proceeds from Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste” to fighting racism.

My Personal Experience

I am a fourth-grade American student studying in Asia, and my classmates never fail to mock me, often using "Darkie", or Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”. My life and countless others is being negatively influenced by Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”. This semester alone, kids at my school have attacked me several times because of Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”. Most times I have been attacked, several of my classmates approach me as class ends. They insult me using Darlie(黑人牙膏) ”Black People Toothpaste”. Sometimes they walk nearer and stand over me, invading my personal space. When I refuse to be cowed, the students get more verbally and physically aggressive, and shout “Black People Toothpaste” louder and louder, among other insults. The whole class usually joins in the chant of Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste, which seems to last forever. Many times in the past I have been attacked with even more students cornering me on the school playground. These students constantly try to intimidate me, and when I refuse to submit, I am repeatedly attacked. When I try to defend myself, it encourages them to become even more physically aggressive. Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste” has turned into a driving force for racism. This has left a lasting, negative, and damaging image of Colgate-Palmolive on not only me, I’m certain, but on other victims of racial injustice all over the world.

These memories including police being called on my dad, my uncle, and I in the US, in an incident reminiscent of George Floyd, made me decide to start a campaign to stop Colgate-Palmolive’s racial branding and racial violence, and help others all over the world who are targets of Hate for Profit Organizations such as Colgate-Palmolive. 

Colgate-Palmolive’s History of Racism

Colgate-Palmolive is hypocritical because even though Colgate-Palmolive renamed “Darkie” to “Darlie” in 1989, and apologized for the name “Darkie”, Colgate-Palmolive is still exploiting racism in Asia and has assured customers Darlie would still be called “Black People Toothpaste” in Chinese. Although Colgate-Palmolive claims to have launched programs that support black history and black leadership, this is only an attempt to shield itself from its racial branding and mask its profiting from its exploitation of racism.

Colgate-Palmolive’s actions have encouraged and worsened racism all over the world, negatively influencing children, supporting racism, and increasing racial violence, especially in schools. 


To atone for its actions;

  1. Colgate-Palmolive must stop the brand Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”
  2. Give a public apology for the name Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”.
  3. Give all proceeds from  Darlie (黑人牙膏)“Black People Toothpaste”to fighting racism.

Please sign this petition to stop Colgate-Palmolive’s racist branding and help us put an end to racial discrimination and Hate For Profit. 

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