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Australia wants Australian products!!!!!

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Australia has had enough!  Australians are proud and loyal people and we have had enough of our hard working agriculture industry being destroyed and left for dead.  Everyday the men and women on the land work very hard to provide the country with the food we eat to live.  Since the major supermarket chains have squashed and destroyed all the local supermarkets we all came to love, we have seen a massive influx of cheap second rate foreign imported foods take over the shelves and slowly destroy our very own farming industry.  Clever marketing and consumers wanting cheaper options has seen a lot of 100% Australian produced and owned lines be either banished to a dark corner or wiped out completely,

When we shop we can only purchase what they offer for sale, and now Australia has had enough.  Everyday we have seen farmers forced off the land,facing financial ruin, selling or losing the properties they spend their whole lives building and maintaining, to supply, us the consumers, with delicious fresh and healthy food to eat.  It could be your mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends who provide the fresh food we eat to survive, and companies such as COLES and WOOLWORTHS are slowly crushing them and doing it without a care in  the world.  Consumers want fresh produce and most importantly, we want the right to CHOICES!!  We ask the majors to stop forcing these cheap lines on us and not only allow us the freedom of choice, but get behind it and PROMOTEIT!!

We are here today to ask both COLES and WOOLWORTHS, to dedicate sections of their supermarkets to 100% genuine AUSTRALIAN PRODUCED & OWNED, to give us the choice and support the agriculture industry.  No more shifty marketing, we want big and bright fully informed options so we can proudly purchase and support our fellow countrymen and women.

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