Coles Supermarkets, you can do better than that for dairy farmers!

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Coles chief executive John Durkan is launching a new discount milk, which will return 20¢ of each sale to Victoria's dairy sector. "He might as well post every Australian farmer half a Musk stick and a ball of bellybutton lint. Under an identical scheme in SA and WA, Coles has handed back an immaterial $200,000 each year since its introduction in 2012. That wouldn't even cover the clawback payments – recently foisted on Murray Goulburn suppliers for FY2016 – owed by two average farms. Two! And MG has more than 2,600 farmers." - Coles Supermarkets, if you are serious about your "responsibility in Victoria to make sure the farming community is healthy", you could do something that may actually make a difference to your private label milk suppliers. Renegotiate the $2 billion contract that Murray Goulburn is locked into for another 7 years. Enough lip service - put your money where your mouth is, and show your customers how you can make a difference.