Coles: Stop bullying small Aussie business in the midst of a pandemic

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It is always tough to be a new, small business in the market, but it’s even harder when you are slapped with an unfair legal claim by a supermarket chain. The Beer Drop is a small family- owned and operated business, run out of founder Evan Reitano’s garage. He works with independent craft breweries and puts together mixed cases of beer for his customers. Now, he’s fighting Coles who says his trademark is similar to Coles’ brand “Wine Drop,” a business arm of First Choice Liquor Superstores.

Evan Reitano spent more than 18 months setting up his dream business. They began selling only in October 2019. Four months later, coronavirus hit and they received a letter which stated that Coles Liquor has opposed their trademark. In 2012 Coles trademarked “Wine Drop,” but the business name doesn’t appear to be in use by Coles and there’s no trace of it online either.  

This is a typical case of a commercial giant trying to take on a small business run by hard working Aussies. Evan says “We put all our money into trying to grow this business, so we don’t have the means to fight them through the courts.” "Being such a young business, our name is how people recognise us. We're getting quite a few repeat buyers now. It would kill us basically, having to rebrand."

Supermarket chains have seen massive growth in sales throughout the pandemic period. They look to be the biggest winners and this trend is only expected to continue for the near future. Despite this, why is Coles choosing to go behind a small business doing it tough already? Coles must drop the legal action against The Beer Drop now.

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